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Item: 11-041

Catholicism And Christianity

Statistics say more than 1.1 billion people claim Catholicism as their religion.  Unfortunately, most see their Catholic traditions and the Christian faith as one in the same.  Yet the sad fact is that there are vast differences between Catholicism and Christianity.  Christianity was founded not as an institution but as a witness to Jesus Christ.  It is Christ - not Christianity - who has the power to change lives.  This powerful book by Brother Swaggart examines each of the basic tenets of Catholicism and compare them against the standards and precepts of the Word of God.  It is also a book of hope and promise as it lays bare the institution and proclaims the person of Jesus Christ.  It is a book that every Catholic must read and every Christian should read.

(200 pages, hardcover)
Price: $30.00 (USD) 

Product number 09-129


If you ever wondered how far God would go to reach the lost with His Word, then travel with Missionary Jim Woolsey to faraway countries that were once closed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this memoir, Brother Woolsey shows how the Spirit of God directed him step by step to get the Jimmy Swaggart telecast on the air in countries dominated by atheism, communism, and Islam so that millions could have the opportunity to hear the gospel preached in their own language.

Performing miracle after miracle, God gave this servant access to political leaders and executives in charge of government-owned television networks and convinced them to air the telecast in places behind the Iron Curtain, over the Berlin Wall, and inside the Forbidden City.

Obedient to the itinerary orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, Brother Jim would travel more than 4 million miles to hand-carry the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified to be broadcast around the world.  To succeed he would need a heart filled with faith and a passport to the impossible.
Regular Price: $30.00 (USD)
On Sale For: $20.00 (USD) 


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