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The Rape Of A Nation

The very moral fabric of our nation is being torn by unseen forces at work around us.  These malicious forces have names but no faces.  Yet they are doing more damage to this country then all the tyrants throughout history combined.

They affect every citizen of our fair land.  They touch every township, every village, and every major city with their destructive power, and they are sweeping across our land like a prairie fire that is out of control.

What are these unseen forces at work?  What can we do to stop them?  Until now these questions hung in the still air without reply.

This powerful book by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart lays bare the truth behind the terrible effect these unseen forces are having on our nation.  It uncovers the root causes of these forces and what we can do to curb their malevolent influence.  This book that every citizen of the United States should read, but perhaps more importantly, one that every Christian must read.  It is a potent book that pulls no punches - one that is as uncompromising in its reach as the author himself.

This is a serious book for a serious time and is so filled with the truth that it will be hard to put it down.  This book sounds a clarion call to awaken believers to the realization that the only answer for America is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.