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This Music DVD is filled with songs that will take you into the Throne Room of God! These 5 songs from Live Family Worship Center Services brought a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the congregation as God moved mightily on the hearts and lives of people. There is no restrictions to our Lord as the Cross of Christ has given us access to His Presence by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Let The Lord minister to you through this DVD and may you enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving and see our Lord in His Glory and Majesty!

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Song List:

1. Throne Room Song | FWC Resurrection Singers (20:31)

2. Nail It To The Cross | Rachel Ford (16:26)

3. Go To The Well | FWC Resurrection Choir (16:57)

4. Tell Me His Name Again | Jimmy Swaggart (9:14)

5. It Still Takes The Blood | Brian Haney, Randy Knaps & Joseph Larson (10:11)