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After nearly 40 years of full-time ministry, Brother Swaggart published his first commentary on the book of Genesis that was later described as “the most helpful Bible commentary ever published.”  It would take nearly 20 years to complete the entire commentary series—from Genesis to Revelation.


True to Pentecostal theology, the Jimmy Swaggart Commentary collection leads its readers chapter by chapter to a better understanding of the Bible.  Rather than providing notes on every Bible verse, these commentaries focus on the salient verses of each chapter to offer the reader a condensed synopsis of what the Holy Spirit intended.


Where most relevant, cultural and historical references are also included, along with explanations of the allegories, types, and symbolisms used in the Bible to add depth and dimension for students of the Holy Scriptures.  Yet, what seems to separate this work from all other commentaries are the biblical applications made to present day circumstances facing every believer.  Printed on high-quality paper and bound with a beautiful hardback cover, this unique reference will be cherished by anyone who loves to study the Word of God.