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The Maniac of Gadara - A Sermon by Jimmy Swaggart

Item #: 15-737

In this riveting message, Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart takes his listeners on Christ's journey to the country of Gadara. On the way, Jesus calms a raging storm at sea, the wind and waves at His command. Likewise, upon meeting a maniac that no man could bind, Christ, in a word, sets him free, soothes his soul, and proves again just how far God will go to save a human soul.

Order of Service:

  • Praise and Worship: Joseph Larson (14:43)
  • 1st Special: "You Brought Us Out To Bring Us In"- FWC Resurrection Choir (3:28)
  • 2nd Special: "In The Presence Of An Awesome God" - Kim Coleman (8:15)
  • 3rd Special: "You Don't Need To Understand" - Jimmy Swaggart (8:06)
  • Sermon: "The Maniac of Gadara" - Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart (40:50)